Thinking about getting a new piercing? At MAD TATTER, we can help you choose the piercing that will best match your style and personality. We can fulfill all of your piercing dreams – quickly and in a friendly and professional manner.

Our piercing room is 100% sterile and certified to the highest standards. We have a great assortment of piercing accessories to choose from or you can bring your own rings, studs, etc. and let us do the piercing. Whatever it is, we'll take care of you.

View the photo gallery below to see what other piercings have been done at MAD TATTER (Click an image to enlarge it). 

Important Notice:

Minors must be accompanied by an adult and have the written consent of their parents or legal guardian to get a piercing at MAD TATTER. In accordance with federal, OH state and local laws, MAD TATTER may reject at its sole discretion unaccompanied minors (ID required) and customers under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance.