Steve Ast [ Jynx ]
Owner / Tattoo Artist


  • After many years in the trucking business, and a near fatal wreck, I decided that was no longer my future.
  • Everyone always talked about my artwork and my portfolio, so I decided to turn it into ink.
  • I worked for a shop for a short time before thinking to myself, why not have my own shop?
  • I built a clientele and worked hard from home, saving to open my shop.
  • After I opened the shop I made the decision to offer fair prices for my work and for my artists.
  • "I hit the ground running, and I haven't turned back since."
  • Anyone from this area knows how close the compitition is from the Tatter,  there's 6 shops within 7 miles.
  • What makes my shop different is the comfortable feel you get when your there. I insist my employees treat everyone, and every tattoo with respect!!