Our Creative Team

Each one of our artists brings his or her own styles and experiences to our shop. What unites us is a passion for body art and decades of experience in this form of expression. What you will find in this shop is an old school atmosphere and country attitude. That means everyone is treated with respect!! Your tattoo is important! and so is your business! "after all"we want you to come back..

Here's a closer look at our tattoo artists and piercers:

Steve Ast [ Jynx ]
Owner / Tattoo Artist


  • After many years in the trucking business, and a near fatal wreck, I decided that was no longer my future.
  • Everyone always talked about my artwork and my portfolio, so I decided to turn it into ink.
  • I worked for a shop for a short time before thinking to myself, why not have my own shop?
  • I built a clientele and worked hard from home, saving to open my shop.
  • After I opened the shop I made the decision to offer fair prices for my work and for my artists.
  • "I hit the ground running, and I haven't turned back since."
  • Anyone from this area knows how close the compitition is from the Tatter,  there's 6 shops within 7 miles.
  • What makes my shop different is the comfortable feel you get when your there. I insist my employees treat everyone, and every tattoo with respect!!


EggHed - Stephen Hryckewycz II


Moved to Ohio as a machinist. Suffered an injury and went back to school and became a RN. When he is not working at Mercy Hospital he is an Artist in our shop.



EggHed is a certified artist and was home grown at the Tatter too. With some artistic skill, he apprenticed with Jynx and was able to hone his skill and continues to grow with piece of art he completes.