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  • Amanda McDonald (Saturday, May 12 18 10:09 pm EDT)

    Hands down the best place to get great work at great prices. Clean, AMAZING artists who take time an pride in their work. Jynx has now done 5 of mine and they are beautiful! Highly recommend!

  • Amanda (Wednesday, January 24 18 10:04 pm EST)

    I had looked a few years for the best artist to do my tatoo with my mans Military rank... I am so happy to have met Jynx because he gave me exactly what I wanted. He even came in on his day off to make sure it was done. My husband also has had work done by Jynx. I am now in Texas and having a difficult time finding an artist that meet the same potential as jynx. He and his his Staff are amazing. I was blessed to find such an amazing Artist. Need to make an appointment when i come back to visit.

  • Clyde Brockman (Wednesday, January 24 18 06:05 pm EST)

    Very professional and a quality job done! Price was reasonable and he worked with us on design, thank u sir

  • Richard Blake (Wednesday, January 24 18 05:00 pm EST)

    Great place to get a tattoo people were awesome got my hands done there the work was phenomenal would recommend them to anyone very professional and we'll be back for more work

  • Richard Blake (Wednesday, January 24 18 04:57 pm EST)

    Got my hands done there work was great prices where fair I'm very satisfied with my tattoos and everyone was friendly and eager to answer any questions I'd suggest this shop to anyone I know be back soon for more work

  • Shane Drew (Wednesday, January 24 18 01:37 pm EST)

    Jynx done an incredible job. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. From the art work, to the conversations, to the down home feel at the shop. Great dude. Great attitude. Great work. Thanks man.

  • Nichole Andrews (Friday, January 05 18 11:07 am EST)

    Jynx did a cover up for me with a memorial tattoo of sorts for my Grandma. I told him that I wanted a hummingbird and a flower, the rest was up to him. It was beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. The shop was clean, supplies were sterile and the conversation was great. It was a completely relaxing environment. All of the artists do amazing work there. Stop in and give em a shot!!

  • Josh (Friday, January 05 18 10:14 am EST)

    Love this shop! I have been coming to Jynx for tattoo work for about five years now. Judgement free, talented artists never just do the minimum always make what you want ten times better than you expected. As long as this shop is open I'll be coming here for my work.

  • Connie (Saturday, February 11 17 07:46 pm EST)

    Jynx did an incredible job on my cross that I wanted on my foot. However, I am not an artist so I could not fully visualize what I wanted. Jynx took what I said and made it happen. I am forever grateful and happy beyond words. In addition, he fixed the color in my rose on my shoulder blade to look absolutely beautiful. I will be back for my pink ribbon after vacation in April. Thanks Jynx

  • Richard Ware (Thursday, January 12 17 09:36 am EST)

    My tattoos are awesome Jynx makes you feel welcome atmosphere is great and my tattoos are always great and pricing is very reasonable he takes passion in his work I highly recommend him to all people

  • laura (Tuesday, September 20 16 09:39 am EDT)

    jynx thank you for the beautiful tattoo. if you are looking for a cover up tattoo, I highly recommend this shop. the service was excellent. jynx listens to you. I was very specific, and he was able
    to accommodate. he opened his shop just to accommodate my crazy work hours. he is an incredible artist. extremely gentle. very reasonable prices for exceptional quality. thank you for the beautiful
    art on my arm. thank you for everything.

  • A.I. Harvestman (Sunday, June 07 15 12:31 pm EDT)

    Jynx gave me my first tattoo and as far as I'm concerned, any future others. He's fantastic at what he does in a sterile environment. Thanks, man!

  • Helen Horan (Wednesday, October 22 14 07:36 am EDT)

    First tattoo and I love it. Got it for my 60th birthday. JynX was amazing!Thanks, JynX!!

  • Sami Miller (Tuesday, October 22 13 03:01 pm EDT)

    Jynx is an excellent artist! He gave me my first tattoo, It turned out beautiful, and I was a squirmy person. My first tattoo on my foot sure did hurt, but it was worth the pain! He is a great artist
    and I totally recommend his work!


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  • Owen (Friday, July 04 14 05:50 pm EDT)

    Hi presently there, You’ve done an incredible job. I is sure to digg that and personally recommend for you to my friends. I ‘m confident will have them benefited using this website.

  • Adam Best (Thursday, April 25 13 03:52 pm EDT)

    Jynx did a great job on my tattoo. I was nervous because it was my first tattoo. Not only was getting my first tattoo not as bad as I thought it would be, but I've already thought of a second tattoo
    I want and I would not hesitate to go back to the tatter. Jynx stands behind his work and does touch ups if needed. After a quick touch up I think my tattoo looks better than ever.

  • Samantha (Wednesday, March 20 13 10:25 pm EDT)

    After leaving one tattoo shop because we were treated badly(not by Jynx or any of their artists) My dad and I stopped in and it was one of the best decisions we made.
    Him and his artists are considerate. and their work is AWESOME.
    If i get another tattoo in the future I will be sure to look up the Mad Tatter :)

  • Heather Schatzman (Sunday, February 17 13 11:06 am EST)

    The Mad Tatter is Awesome for tattoos! Jynx is such a great artist and he works with you to make sure that you're getting the tat you came in for. I'll be going to his shop for all of my future
    tattoos, you should check him out!

  • Jennifer (Sunday, July 08 12 06:51 pm EDT)

    I stopped in today to get a tattoo, was pleasantly surprised to see you guys opened, and Dizzy was more than helpful he gave me the tattoo I was wanting and I am very very pleased next tattoo I get
    if I am still in the area will be from you guys thank you!

  • mike schneider (Friday, April 13 12 08:01 pm EDT)

    You need to put up picture of the work your shop has done on my forearm. The fine details in which you place each piece to combine one large piece. It's turned into a one of a kind. I plan on coming
    back for years to come. Thanks men.

  • Mike Anderson (Tuesday, March 06 12 09:00 am EST)

    Nice look! I'm diggin' your site!

  • jon grabowski (Tuesday, March 06 12 08:53 am EST)

    Jynx is an awesome tattoo shoo they have giving me a blessing I will never forget thanks guys keep up the BA work

  • Tiffany Stanger (Monday, March 05 12 12:39 pm EST)

    site looks good...my vacation from work starts April 8th, so I will be in soon to see what we can do to finish my tat that we talked about!! =)