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TATTOO Specials:

400 Angel & Demon Wings:


  • From Neck bone to Tail bone
  • Come in to the shop and set an Appointment up today!
  • Or call us at: (513) 376 - 2708

MAD TATTER Daily Deals:

Cancer Ribbons = $30 and up

$450 Tap Out:

For $450 you get:

  • 5 hours of consecutive work



  • You have to be able to sit and take 5 hours of work.
  • If you fail, there are NO REFUNDS.
  • All "TAP OUT" sessions are done by appointment only!
  • Prior to your session, you will sign an agreement to this deal!
  • Payment is upfront and non refundable.
  • "If you Bitch out, you can't Bitch about it"