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MAD TATTER is Amelia’s tightest tattoo shop. If you are looking for TATTOOS and PIERCINGS, or PERMANENT MAKEUP,, look no further. I do custom designs in all colors and locations, and you can count on JynX for amazing design work in his clean, 70s style location.

 Lets face it, you cant throw a rock without hitting a tattoo shop 

these days. They are everywhere.  Shops are here one day, and gone the next. I started this shop in 2009. I have never missed a beat since the day I opened. I dont talk trash on other shops because I believe in Karma.   In 10yrs, my shop has never had a complaint or a health code violation. Other shops can talk that trash, but my record speaks for itself.


Im ready to help you create the tattoo you’ve been thinking about for years. Browse my gallery of images or bring in your own – there’s nothing we can’t do.

COVER UPS and RESTORATIONS are my specialty. Everybody has some bad ink they would love to go away.  shop minimum starts at $100.


Complete tattoo removal. Do you have something that absolutely has to go away? If you have no interest in getting a cover-up, let  our "certified" tattoo removal technician help you make it disappear forever.  Prices vary from tattoo to tattoo depending on severity of the pigment.


If your price shopping? please feel free to compare my prices to the compitition. One thing to remember is, I never charge by the hour! In my opinion, the hourly thing is a straight rip off!. Shops can turn a 1 hour tattoo into 2 hours, and most people wouldnt even know. So the way it works is, you tell me what you want, and I tell you how much it will cost. Plain and simple. I work with your budget, not with mine! Ive built a strong clientele based on clean artwork and "LOW PRICES". I want you happy, "PERIOD", and when you have as much fun at it as I do, the client always benifits!!


Have a look around MY website to get an idea of what Im about. When you are ready, call the MAD TATTER @

                                     (513) 449-3158


to schedule your appointment. You can also drop me a line on the page here, or friend me on FaceBook. Just come on in when you have some free time.



Your "tattoo guy" at the,


 Mad Tatter



Before you decide to get work done,


Find out more about the person you choose for your artwork.  Ive put together this site.just for that very reason. 

Permanent makeup and dermablading

Are you tired of doing the whole makeup ritual everyday?   Why not make it permanent?   

Call for prices and appointments 


Eyebrows, Eye liner, Lip liner.